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Professional Code


In 1976, the Tamilnadu Private Colleges Regulation Act was published in the Tamilnadu Government gazette (Extraordinary) Part IV, under Section 2, year 1976 (Act No. 19).

If an Assistant professor having four years of service with Ph.D., will be promoted from Rs.6000 to Rs.7000 AGP(CAS). An Assistant professor having 9 years of experience with Ph.D will be promoted from Rs.7000 to Rs.8000 AGP(CAS). Assistant Professors having 9 + 3 years (12 years) with Ph.D of service (who got AGP 8000), will be promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor from Rs.8000 to Rs.9000 AGP(CAS).

Our institution receives post approval from the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Chennai; the Management Committee will call for application through advertisement in “Newspapers”. The Interview Panelist will be prepared as per UGC regulation and interview panel will conduct the interview to select the suitable candidate as per norms and recommend it to the governing body. Then the governing body will decide the suitable candidates for appointment.

Non-Teaching Staff

If there is a vacancy for non-teaching staff, the institution will get the post approval from the Directorate of Collegiate Education. Then the Management Committee will give advertisement in newspapers. Then the interview will be conducted by our Management Committee for selecting the suitable Non teaching staff as per norms.

Admissions Directive

All admissions made are provisional and subject to the approval of the Madurai Kamaraj University and Director of Government Examinations. The college has the right to cancel the admission made, if the documents submitted are found to be false or the qualification of the candidate admitted is not approved by Madurai Kamaraj University, all admissions made are subject to verification of the Mark Statement by the Director of Government Examinations and if the Mark Statement is found to be bogus, the admission is liable to be cancelled and criminal action would be initiated against the concerned candidate.

The Tamilnadu Education Code – PDF file