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     A thrust area of the college for the last five years had been the upgradation of the college with autonomy and also with potential for excellence and for the last three years had been the entry to National Institutional Ranking Framework. Of these, autonomy was a priority as it gives the college a unique status in academic advancement. Our college took the lead in 2014. Autonomy is our dream project undertaken jointly by Management, teaching and non-teaching staff for furtherance of tertiary education in Madurai city and its surroundings. The institution has phenomenal role for the past 40 years. By introducing Autonomy, new syllabus can be introduced with learning objectives, curriculum and ICT Learning.

     The Principal convened a meeting 13.02.2015 to discuss the need for opting for Autonomy. Unanimous decision was taken at this meeting to initiate preparation for Autonomy. Autonomy proposal was submitted on 30.09.2014 to UGC through Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. The UGC constituted a Committee to visit our college. Expert committee visited our college on 10.3.2015 to evaluate the performance and academic attainments of our college for grant of autonomous status. The college received a copy of letter from Joint Secretary UGC on 29.04.2015 recommending autonomous status to the college for a period of Six years w.e.f 2015 to 2021. Madurai Kamaraj University decided to confer Fresh Autonomous Status to our college and communication to that effect was received on 22.06.2015.

     Various statutory bodies and Committees such as Board of Studies, Academic Council, Governing Body, Autonomy Grants, Deans and COE, Academic and Administrative Audits were constituted as per the Guidelines for Autonomous Colleges during the Twelfth Plan Period to carry out the academic activities. At present, college has completed four years successfully. The first batch of autonomous P.G. Programme students came out in June 2017 and the first batch of autonomous U.G. Programme students came out in June 2018.

     UGC has been releasing an annual grant of Rs. 20,00,000/ towards the efficient implementation of autonomy. These grants facilitate academic departments in organizing conferences and workshops. Grants are also utilized to strengthen the infrastructure of the institution.

     Autonomy could function efficiently due to the coordination between COE and Deans. The office of the COE executes the tasks like setting questions based on the syllabus submitted by the office of the Deans. Changes effected in the syllabus through special Board of Studies subsequently approved by the Academic Council are faithfully communicated to the office of the COE.

     As per the requirements of NAAC, Academic Audit is conducted for each department. A competent external examiner is invited as expert. Syllabi, research activities, publications and programmes organized are audited. Detailed evaluatory report of each department has been submitted to IQAC through Principal. There are two Evaluation Halls and spacious offices for COE and the Deans and another for Superintendent of Examinations. Software mechanism is capable of meeting the requirement of Autonomy for another 10 years. Results are published within three weeks from the last date of Summative Examinations.

     The autonomy was conferred to the institution for 6 years and the tenure came to an end in June 2021. Hence, a committee was constituted to prepare autonomy review proposal and the same was successfully submitted to UGC and university concerned on 08th April 2021.