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Aims & Objectives

  • Creating awareness about history among students.
  • Striving tirelessly for the growth and development of the college.
  • Obtaining financial assistance from central state governments for courses related to inscription, archaeology and tourism.
  • Facilitating training in writing and reading Telugu language with ease and bringing Certificate and Diploma courses through Centre for Historical Research.
  • Publication of a book on the history of the Nayak kings in a simple manner for people from all walks of life to understand. Especially, revealing the history of King Tirumalai Nayak and Rani Mangammal through inscriptions and copperplates.
  • Organising monthly lectures, field work and annual seminars.
  • Review of history of Nayak kings through field study.
  • Bringing together students and history experts to train students and history enthusiasts.
  • sign MoU with State Department of Archaeology and Museums.
  • To Conduct a meeting regarding Jain religious monuments in Madurai and organising a one day tour.
  • Facilitating central government degree courses such as Archives, Museums, Museology, Archaeology and Epigraphy etc. through our study centre for all college students to learn and train without discrimination of various fields.
  • Bringing certificate course on Madurai Nayaks. (Certificate in History of the Nayaks of Madura)
  • Conducting field surveys at places of historical and archaeological importance, recording and investigating antiquities, artefacts, statues, paintings, coins, inscriptions and Palm leaves and publish news about them as texts.
  • Setting up a small library to help historical researchers and enthusiasts and collect rare books related to inscriptions of Nayaks of Madurai, Archaeology, Archives Keeping and Museology.