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Mr. M. Vijayaragavan, B.A.,



Secretary's Message

      I am extremely delighted to observe that Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, Madurai, has carved a niche for it on the educational map of India by grooming a galaxy of eminent men and women shining in various realms of life in India and abroad. This educational epitome was established by the untiring and dedicated efforts of the Tamil Nadu Naidu Mahajana Sangam in 1974 and now, it proudly marches ahead into its 50th year of excellent and quality educational service for the welfare, benefit and development of the educationally and economically backward students of this region. The college was initially opened with 153 students and I am delighted to inform that 4136 students are pursuing higher education in this temple of learning at present.

      The institution, though it's situated at the periphery of Madurai, in a semi urban locale, it's undoubtedly a pioneering college that has opened its portals of higher education to the women students in the city providing opportunities to pursue higher education along with their male counterparts in the early eighties itself to enhance gender equality. Our institution is holistic in approach and hence keeps pace with the advancements renewing and adapting its curriculum and methodology. The technical advancement especially in the field of information technology in consonance with the changing needs of society and demands of the students is state of the art.

     I thank all the eminent members of the community for giving me an opportunity to serve the institution as the secretary of the college for the past one and half decades. In this period, the college has witnessed a phenomenal growth in all walks of life. On this momentous occasion, I offer my affectionate greetings to all the stakeholders like the teaching and the non teaching staff, the students, the parents and the alumni who have been working and contributing with commitment and devotion to position the college on a par excellence platform along with the best institutions in the country.

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