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Attendance Rules

  • Students who have attended classes for 68 days (75%) or more will be permitted to appear for the summative examinations in Nov / April each year.
  • Students who have attended classes for 67 days and less, but 59 days (65%) and above will be permitted to apply for exemption by submitting a prescribed form to the Controller of Examinations along with a condonation fee of Rs.360/- and specific remarks of the Principal.
  • Students who have attended classes for 58 days or less but 45 days (50%) or more, are not eligible to appear for Summative Examinations. They may, however, apply for special permission from the Principal to appear in the next examinations. This application must be accompanied by sufficient reasons for their absence supported by proper documents, along with a payment of Rs.600/-.
  • Students who have attended classes for less than 44 days must repeat the entire semester.

General Rules for Summative Examinations

  • Students must be in their seats 15 minutes before the start of the examination.
  • No one is permitted to enter the hall 30 minutes after the commencement of examination.
  • Candidates are not permitted to leave the hall within the first 30 minutes after the examination has started.
  • No student can receive the question paper before taking the assigned seat in the hall or room.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing any books, portions of books, manuscripts, any materials of  description, mobile phones, or electronic gadgets into the Examination Hall.
  • Student should not write anything except their register number on the question paper.
  • Any form of communication with another student is subject to severe punishment
  • Students found indulging in malpractice will be dealt with according to the directives of the State Government and Madurai Kamaraj University.
  • Possession of ID card and hall ticket is mandatory for all examinations.


  • Students indulging in malpractice during Continuoues Assessment Tests or Summative Examinations will be severely punished. They will face an enquiry committee with their parents.
  • The enquiry committee comprises the Principal, Controller of Examinations, Deans, Head of the concerned department. The decision taken by the enquiry committee is final.

Evaluation Process

  • Evaluation of Theory Examinations is conducted by external examiners for all programmes.
  • Evaluation of practical examinations is conducted jointly by one internal and one external examiner.
  • Students can apply for photocopies of answer scripts and revaluation.

Revaluation Process

  • Failed candidates can apply for revaluation within 10 days from the date of the publication of results.
  • The revaluation forms can be downloaded from the website and submitted to the office of Controller of Examinations.