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Maintenance Policy

The policy for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities

College has a number of policies procedures and practices to govern its operation. The policies are meant for day –to-day dealing. They provide guidance to members in a number of academic areas.

The maintenance and cleaning of the classrooms and furniture are done with the efforts of the non-teaching staff and in major cases the college goes for the maintenance contract to the experts.

The college has adequate number of computer with internet connections. Utility software is distributed in all the locales like office, laboratories, library, departments etc. As per the rules and policies of the institution, all the stakeholders have equal opportunity to use these facilities. The ICT smart classrooms and all those computer related facilities are maintained by the technically skilled experts appointed by the management.

CCTV camera is installed in the campus.

The students are charged for the laboratory expenses at the time of admission as suggested by the statutory body and in addition to that non-salary grants are allocated for the maintenance of the laboratories and the classrooms which are a part of teaching – learning process. The gardener appointed by the institute maintains the garden.

The maintenance of generator is regularly done by AMC. Electrical and plumbing related maintenance is done with the help of local skilled persons and the expenditure is met from budget gained by college from different sources.

Library maintenance is done by management by providing a provision of the budget. Library software is maintained by AMC. Disinfecting and keeping library clean is done frequently by library staff.

The sports department of the college is meritorious. The running track is used by students, staff and local community and maintenance of that facility is done with the help of the management.

A competitive examination is established by the college, which helps the students to prepare for competitive examination and the expenses are met by the management. The management understands the external and internal Stakeholders of the college uniting the vast campus regularly. Maintaining supporting facilities in the campus requires meticulous system. The college has a comprehensive policy to maintain the infrastructure periodically. Hence, the management allocates sufficient funds for the maintenance of the physical academic and support facilities.


The college has got four science laboratories for physics, chemistry, electronics, and food and dairy. Equipments are purchased from modern scientific company. The instruments are properly maintained and periodically they are serviced by the technicians from the same office in case, any defect in the equipments, they are immediately replaced with the permission of the principal.

Computer labs

The institution facilitates 5 computer labs . The systems are maintained with the help of the hardware technicians appointed exclusively for this purpose by the management.


The college owns an enormous library which has got a vast reading hall. If facilitates a Net café, Smart Classroom, own book reading hall, separate systems to operate reading and borrowing books. An MOU is drafted with Rovan Software system, who annually maintains the infrastructure in the library. Further, an MOU is signed with fire & Safety license that periodically lists the library and fills the gas extinguisher equipments.


The institution possesses spacious classrooms which have sufficient fans and tube lights and desks. All the facilities are properly maintained, in case of repair or damage of the goods, carpenters and electricians carry out the maintenance.


The department of physical education functions in a separate room. The management has appointed a lady physical director to look after the sports activities of the girls. The college has a large ground which has a separate court for Cricket, Kabbadi, volleyball, Kho-Kho and other sports activities An exclusive estate officer is appointed for overseeing maintenance of Buildings, Classrooms, laboratories and the entire campus. The Principal constitutes a committee with a convenor and members at the end semester and they take a stock of the maintenance of infrastructure in the campus. A registrar is maintained in every department to record the stock and the consolidated report is submitted to the superior authorities.