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Administrative Setup

Service Rules

In 1976 The Tamilnadu Private Colleges Regulation Act was published in the Tamil Nadu Government gazette (Extraordinary) part IV, under Section 2, year 1976(Act no 19 ) and Establishment rules applicable to Employees of Government of Tamilnadu.

Promotional policies

If an Assistant professor having 4 years of service with Ph.D Will be promoted from Rs.6000 to Rs 7000 AGP(CAS). An Assistant professor having 7 years of experience with Ph.D will be promoted from Rs.7000 to Rs.8000 AGP (CAS). Assistant Professors having 10 + 3 years (13 years) of service (who got AGP 8000) , will be promoted from Assistant professor to Associate professor from Rs.8000 to Rs 9000 AGP(CAS).


Our institution receives post approval from the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Chennai; the Management Committee will call for application through advertisement in “Newspapers”. The interview panelist will be prepared as per UGC regulation and interview panel will conduct the interview to select the suitable candidate as per norms and recommend it to the governing body. Then the governing body will decide the suitable candidates for appointment.

For non-teaching staff: If there is a vacancy for non-teaching staff, Institution will get a post approval from the Directorate of Collegiate Education. Then the Management Committee will give advertisement in newspapers. Then the interview will be conducted by our Management Committee for selecting the suitable Non teaching staff as per norms.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The purpose of the grievance redressal cell is to provide easily accessibility machinery for settlement of grievances/issues of the students and staff to ensure expeditious settlement of their administrative and academic problems. The grievance redressal committee constitutes a senior faculty member as the convenor and two male staff and two female staff as members of the committee respectively.

The students can meet the committee at anytime as the accessibility has been made easy in the campus. A System has been evolved to enquire and analyse the grievances in a strictly confidential manner. Then the committee will discuss with the principal and the college council for prompt action. If necessary, the principal will explain the decision taken in the college council regarding the issue with the members of the management.

The teaching and non teaching staff can meet the principal in person to discuss their grievances. The principal will take all initiatives to sort out their grievances with an impartial and fair manner. Besides, grievance redressal is also done through respective staff association. Further, the staff association shall take the common grievances of the faculty members if any with the principal and the management.