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Best Practices 1

Title of the Practice: Health Centre and Fitness Centre

Objectives of the Practice

  • To enhance health consciousness and physical fitness among students
  • To provide physical fitness equipment in a gymnasium under the care of the Director of Physical Education
  • To provide health tips daily in the health centre notice board.
  • To assist during medical camps and blood donation camps conducted in the college periodically.
  • To provide medical service for menstrual hygiene women, pregnant women and general health of both men and women
  • To provide counseling and guidance on mental wellbeing through professional counselors when necessary through a mental health specialist.
  • The ultimate objective is to enhance sound mind in a sound body.

The Context

     The Management established the full-fledged Health Centre on 2nd July 2012 which functions from 8.30am to 4.30pm as all working days. Providing physical and mental health care and maintaining healthy physique through a widespread public health approach, including advocacy and prevention are the main key functions of Health Centre. The teachers inculcate in the minds of students personal hygiene and several health practices. Many students kept coming to college without taking regular breakfast. Teachers felt the adverse impact of this practice in the first hour of the classroom. They developed headaches and other discomforts. Some students had routine sickness disabling them from classroom concentration. Girls especially had regular discomforts. Sports injury, minor injuries during walk from the bus stop to college, etc. warranted the establishment of a health centre.

Evidence of Success

     A qualified nurse looks after the health centre. She provides immediate health care and if required refers them to nearby hospital or to the parent hospital, Vikram Hospital. Both male and female students get benefits for their habitual and occasional ailments. The health centre record shows regular inflow of both male and female students.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

     The demands on health centers are greater and more complex than ever. More students visit the health centre with significant health needs, including mental health challenges. And many need help in managing serious conditions like asthma, eating disorders, injuries and physical disabilities. As our demand increases, increasing the bed facility is recommended. Large space and separate rooms for boys and girls are also required. For some students physical ailments are a manifestation of depression they are unable to cope with. So a regular counselor or a clinical psychologist is an immediate requirement. This matter has been referred to the Management. At the moment teachers from the Social Work Department with specializations in mental health guidance carry out this work.

The Practice

     There is a provision to check blood sugar level and blood pressure free of cost. General check up is given to the students once in three months. Horlicks is given to women students, teaching and non-teaching staff during their pregnancy period. Special care is given to them. Fruits and biscuits are provided to them on alternate days. The health center of our college provides free medicines. Medical counseling is given to all the students and the teaching staff when it is necessary.

Facilities available at the Health Centre

  • Height and weight measurements
  • Glucometer
  • Blood Pressure Apparatus
  • Nebulizer Machine for easy breathing
  • Administration of Intravenous fluid (Glucose and MJ injection) to students who suddenly suffer from loss of energy
  • The centre also buys generic medicine through “Jan Aushad” a nearby Central Government funded medical shop
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Mini Refrigerator

Health Centre provides

  • Clean and hygienic bed rest facility
  • 2First aid treatment at site (classroom) during emergency
  • During sports and games the Health Centre service is available on the spot
  • Free monthly dosage of medicine to a few chronic patients
  • Mini Refrigerator

     The Health and Fitness Club have organized health camps separately for both gender more than 800 girls and more than 1000 boys every year benefiting which ensure that the club promotes health for all. Memorandum of understanding was also done with Vickram Hospital and established a separate medical unit inside our campus.

     To strengthen the physical fitness and good health of the students the college has Gym facility. The Gymnasium is well equipped with gadgets to improve physique and give corrective measures for reducing obesity and to maintain physical fitness. It is well equipped with a trainer. Fitness Centre was established on 21st December 2011 which functions from 7 a.m. to 5p.m. on all working days. Separate time has been earmarked for girls. The Gymnasium is being used by teachers also. Male students who regularly practice in the fitness centre have also participated in physique display competitions.

Facilities available at the Fitness Centre

  • Multi Gym 6 Stations
  • Multi Gym 4 Stations
  • Seated Calf Bench
  • Dumbells Rack with Imported Dumbells (35kg)
  • Multipurpose bench
  • Stretch Machine
  • Dual Twister
  • Stepper Sharp Power
  • StadioMeter
  • Sit up Bench
  • Tread mill
  • Elliptical Trainer
  • Weight Lifting set

Health and Fitness Club under Part V is functioning in tandem with the two centres.

Best Practices 2

Title of the Practice: Women Student Empowerment

Objectives of the Practice

The following are the objectives:

  • To further develop the self confidence of women students
  • To give exposure to women students on women’s welfare laws and rights
  • To create awareness on social importance, economic independence and thereby making them to stand on their legs
  • To familiarize them on their role in the society
  • To organize training programmes for professional and entrepreneurial skill development
  • To organize women centric seminars, workshops and events
  • To inculcate in women students the courage to stand up against harassment
  • To promote the overall well-being of all women students in the college
  • To help them in their financial needs for academic development

The Context

     Women Empowerment means enabling women to take independent decisions in turn which helps them for their personal development and career family. When women achieve participation in decision making it helps them to realize gender equality in various spheres. The college became the first coeducational institution in the city. Since then there has been a gradual increase in women enrolment.

The Practice

     To prepare the students for the smooth integration in the society, Women Development Cell ensures that the girls complete their degree. Having tie-up with an NGO called Kiruba Training Centre, Madurai, the Cell organized training programmes to help girl students to become self-reliant and sustainable. To make them self-employed and to increase the household income self-employment training like Aari and Zardhosi work, Beautician Course, Jewel Making, sanitary Napkins, Terracotta Jewelry were organized for the girl students. Fabric painting training was given to the students by having tie-up withDreams Designs, Sari Arts and Crafts. Workshops were conducted on different dates to master the skill. In order to make the girl students economically independent, the College is offering free tailoring programme and the women students were trained in batches. Not only are the girl students of the college, but also the women in the society given training by the community college through community development activities. Tie-up with Gandhi Museum, Madurai, rural women were trained on the preparation of dish wash liquid, asafoetida, etc. to make them women entrepreneurs and thereby to increase the income of rural women.

Evidence of success

     The college is an equal opportunity policy practitioner in appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff. In the appointments of teaching and non-teaching staff, women in distress have been appointed on compassionate grounds to ensure their livelihood. 69% of the staff are women faculty members in total strength in teaching community. College which started as men’s college cannot enroll more than 30% of women in UG Programmes as per Tamilnadu Government norms. So at any given time the number of women can only be at 30% or a little above because of more women joining PG Programmes on merit basis. It is to cater for this 30% of women’s needs that the college has taken special efforts including the construction of women’s hostel for housing 150 women. For the convenience of women to rest and have food and chat among themselves in a safe ambience the auditorium right at the entrance of the college is used as women restroom.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

     Any programme would definitely face certain hurdles and this is not an exception. Retaining all the girl students to attend the programme after the college hours was the major hurdle faced. Most of the students were financially weak to bring materials to undergo the training but they show very much interest in learning the skills. The faculty identified the needy and supported them financially to make them participate in all the programmes. It was difficult to make the girls who came from far off villages to attend the programmes.