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Ph.D Awarded

Ph.D ScholarRegister No Department Name of the Guide Title of the Thesis Date of Completion

2023 - 2024

Dr.M.Sivanya P5666 Economics Dr.S.Palani An Economic Environmental Study on Urban Solid Waste Management in Tamil Nadu With Special reference to Madurai District 28-07-2023
Dr.Sarojaa V.Kumar P4547 English Dr.R.Dhanalakshmi Vicissitudes of Human Emotion in Select Works of Nadine Gordimer 24-08-2023
Dr. Manjula Gayathri P4494 Commerce Dr.B Manoharan Customers Attitude towards Mobile Application Usage in the Selected Districts of Tamil Nadu 25-09-2023
Dr. R.Ebenezar Sam Paul P4784 English Dr.A.Arjunan Graphic Novels : Celebration of Fragmentation 25-10-2023
Dr.N.Palanivel P3495 Economics Dr.S.Palani Khadi and Village Industries in Dindigul District- A Study of Financial Performance 07-12-2023
Dr.M.KiranKumar F9940 Economics Dr.S.Palani A Study on Costs and Returns of Flowers Cultivation in Madurai District of Tamil Nadu 08-12-2023
Dr. Sagi Pillai P5829 Business Administration Dr.P.Anbuoli A Study on Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship 15-12-2023
Dr.A.Surendran P8777 Commerce Dr.B.Manoharan An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Lead Bank Scheme in Virudhunagar District 20-12-2023
Dr.R.Beulah P3078 Commerce Dr.B.Manoharan A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Aavin Products in Madurai City 21-12-2023
Dr.J.Vinoth Kumar P5737 Commerce Dr.R.Arputharaj Housing Finance with Special reference to Select Public Sector Banks in the City of Madurai 22-12-2023
Dr.A.Bauupriya 5150 Commerce Dr.V.Suresh Babu A Study on Satisfactions of crop insurance policy holders on public sector insurance companies n Madurai District 14.02.2024
Dr,.R.Kajapriya P6043 Commerce Dr.S. Venkateswaran Behaviour of Indian Stock Market Investors: A Study in Tami Nadu 15.02.2024
Dr..G.Priyadharshini P5956 English Dr.A. Ramasubbiah Zakes MDA: A Paradigm Shift from Subalternity to Posterity 29.02.2024
Dr.R.Vinetha P5263 Commerce Dr.V. Suresh Babu A Study on calendar variances in Indian Stock Market 22.03.2024
Dr..Niranjana Devi F9550 Commerce Dr. S. Ganesan Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Organised Retail Sector in Southern District of Tamilnadu 05.02.2024
Dr. C. Karthick Kumar P4509 Commerce Dr.R.Arputharaj A Comparative Study on E-Banking Services of Public and Private Sector Banks in Madurai District 30.04.2024

2022 - 2023

D.Thilagavathi P5207 English Dr. A.Ramasubbiah Hegemony of Aura in Nature over Conformity of Man: An Ecocritical Exploration of Stephen Alter’s Select Works 06.06.2022
Dr.D. Vimala P3992 English Dr.R.Dhanalakshmi From Annihilation to Affirmation:Evolution of the Subaltern identities in Select Works of Jamaica Kincaid. 23.06.2022
Dr. G. Chinnadurai P4174 Commerce Dr. V. Suresh Babu A Study of Gratification level of General Insurance Corporation Indemnity Holders in Tamil Nadu with Particular Reference to Motor Insurance 26.07.2022
Dr.N.Venkatesh Bharathi F9958 Physics Dr. S.S. Jayabalakrishnan Synthesis and Luminescence Investigation of Some Phosphor Materials 28.07.2022
Dr.P.Vijitha P5206 English Dr.A.Ramasubbiah Culture and Ecological Narratives: A Reading of Amitav Ghosh’s Select Novels 25.11.2022
Dr.M.Sukirtha Rani F9641 Commerce Dr.S.Venkateswaran Trust and Perceived in Online Shoping-An Empirical Study in Tamil Nādu 05.12.2022
Dr V.Elangovan P3081 Tamil Dr.S.Gayathri Devi - 15.12.2022
Dr T.Regupathi P4325 Commerce Dr. S. Ganesan A Study on Buyers Satisfaction towards Purchase of Organic Farming Vegetables with Reference to South India 23.12.2022
Dr. A. Senthil Raja P5665 Economics Dr.S.Palani A Study on Impact of Climate Changes on Agricultural Production in TamilNadu with Special Reference to Madurai District. 05.01.2023
Dr S,Anubala P5556 Maths Dr.V.Ramachandran “(1,N)- Arthmetic Labelling and E-Super Arithmetic Grace ful Labelling of Graphs” 11.01.2023
Dr.T. Marriyammal. P9771 Commerce Dr.S.Nehru Hospitality Industry in Tamil Nadu: A Study in Customer Satisfaction. 17.02.2023
Dr.S.Sivaprakash P5107 Economics Dr.S,Palani Impact of Swarna Jeyanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana on Rural People :A Case Study of Scheduled Caste Swarozgaris in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu 28.04.2023
Dr.P.Kokila P5109 Economics Dr.S,Palani Environmental constraints on the Agricultural Economy: A Case Study of Madurai District Tamil Nadu 28.04.2023

2021 - 2022

Dr P.K.Chitra P4705 Commerce Dr.B.Maran A Study on Relationship Marketing Practices in Retailing Sector in Kerala. 05.07.2021
Dr.G.Geethakalyani P3772 Commerce Dr.S.Venkateswaran A Study on Challenges and Opportunities in Life Insurance Sector –A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector. 16.07.2021
Dr ,M,Kiruthiga P9829 Tamil Dr.S.Gayathri Devi - 27.07.2021
Dr . D.Akila Rani P4362 Commerce Dr.B.Manoharan Consumer Behaviour towards the Purchase of Gold Ornaments in Madurai District 16.08.2021
Dr J. Rajeswari P4389 English Dr. R. Dhanalakshmi The Psychological and Emotional Trauma in Mahasweta Devi’s Selected Works. 22.11.2021
Dr L.N.Lavanya P4307 Commerce Dr.B.Manoharan Performance Evaluation of Public Sector Banks lending to the Priority Sector in Virudhunagar District 25.11.2021
Dr J.Pandima Devi P3027 Mathematics Dr.S.P.Subbiah A Study on Some Variations of Total Labeling of Graphs 24.12.2021
Dr N. Suyamariyathai P4339 English Dr. R. Dhanalakshmi Diasporic Displacement and Cultural Conflicts in the Select works of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni 19.01.2022
Dr K.Haresh Nirmal P5208 English Dr. A. Ramasubbiah Paradigms of Resistance in the Novels of NGUGI WA THIONG’O-A Postcolonial Reading 20.01.2022
Dr Lekha P4828 English Dr.R.Dhanalakshmi Emotional Trauma as an Impulse towards Action in the Select Novels of Alice Walker 11.03.2022
Dr .Y.Prema P3795 Commerce Dr.S.Venkateswaran The Role of Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation in the Development of Small Scale Industries in Tamil Nadu 14.03.2022
Dr S.Dhanalakshmi P5102 Commerce Dr.V.Suresh Babu A Study on Customer Services rendered by Public Sector Bamks in Ramanathapuram District 10.05.2022
Dr.M.Saravanan P3291 English Dr. A. Arjunan The Select Novels of Chetan Bhagat: A Postmodern Reading 16.05.2022

2020 - 2021

Dr.G. Rajesh P3851 Commerce Dr. V. Suresh Babu Institutional Credit to Agricultural sector in Theni district- A study with reference to Public, Private and Co-operative Sector banks 01-12-2020
Dr.N.Illambirai P4394 Commerce Dr. B. Manoharan Consumer Awareness about Khadi and Village Industries Products with Special Reference to Madurai District 05-03-2021
Dr.R. Mutharasi P3768 Commerce Dr. B. Maran Corporate Governance in Commercial Banks (A study with Special reference to Bangalore- Karnataka) 08-03-2021
Dr.S.Selvapriya P4003 English Dr.R. Dhanalakshmi "Survival, Self-Identity and Self-Empowerment in Anita Nair's and Manju Kapur's Select Novels" 22-03-2021
Dr.N. Saraswathi P4895 Commerce Dr. S. Ganesan A Study on Hospital Services in Madurai district 30-04-2021

2019 - 2020

Dr.G. Sudha P3888 English Dr.R.Dhanalakshmi Racial Issues in Select Works of James Baldwin 09-09-2019
Dr.S.Dhanalakshmi P3170 Tamil Dr.S.Gayathri Devi Vimala Ramani Navalgalil Penniya Sinthanaigal 06-11-2019
Dr.A.Rajeswara Pushpam P8530 English Dr.A. Ramasubbiah Stress Syndrome of Women: A Study of Select Novels of Manju Kapur and Githa Hariharan 27-01-2020
Dr.V. Sundar F9869 Commerce Dr.S.Venkateswaran Utilisation of Electronic Banking Services by Customers in Public Sector Banks in Madurai District 09-03-2020

2018 - 2019

Dr.R Kasiraman Ph.D- CB- Jul.2014- 0772 Commerce Dr.V.Geetha Quality of Work life among Employees in Public Sector Transport Corporation Madurai division 31.05.2019
Dr.C.Sadanandam P8262 Commerce Dr.B.Manoharan Industrial Relations of Distilleries and Breweries at Puducherry 06-07-2018
Dr.A. Seenivasagan P9800 Commerce Dr. B. Maran A Study on Human Resources Management Practices in Tea Industries in Iduki District of Kerala 07-09-2018
Dr.B.Vidhya P3318 English Dr. A. Arjunan From Page to stage with special Reference to Select Plays of Vijay Tendulkar, Girish Karnad and Mahesh Dattani 21.12.2018