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IT Integration

The entire examination process is information technology (IT) integrated.

All the process such as

  • Allotment of registration number
  • Getting internal marks from faculty
  • Attendance finalization
  • Exam application registration
  • Exam fee payment
  • Examination schedule
  • Seating arrangements for Examination
  • Question paper allotment to the setter
  • Valuation process
  • Remuneration processes for question setting and valuation
  • Result analysis and result publishing
  • Issuing semester examination mark sheets
  • Issuing consolidated mark sheets

Allotment of Registration number to the students

  • Once the admission for every academic year is closed, a 9-character alpha numeric registration number is allotted to all the admitted students.
  • The first two digits denote the year of admission, the third character states whether the student is admitted in regular stream or self-financing stream.
  • The fourth character indicates whether the student is undergraduate or postgraduate whereas the next two characters inform the department.
  • Last three digits are allotted alphabetically first to female students and then male students.

Internal Marks

  • The marks for continuous assessment are entered by subject handling staff through their individual login enabled in intranet within a stipulated period.
  • The same is verified and approved by their respective HOD’s in their login id.

Exam Application

  • After satisfying the attendance norms, the students are permitted to pay their examination for their current and arrear exams.

Examination Process

  • For all the registered subjects, question paper setting sent to qualified external faculty members from the database.
  • Number of question papers available, used, allotment date, received date, payment to question setters, quality of the question paper all these are monitored by Office of Controller of Examination by software.
  • Hall ticket will be given to eligible students at the last working week in that semester as per college calendar.
  • On every day of examination, attendance will be updated in examination software and dummy number will allotted immediately for valuation.
  • The scripts are valuation as per valuation procedure with external faculty members from the database.
  • The marks are enrolled immediately in software and get authenticate signature from the evaluator.

Result Publishing

  • Within 10 – 20 days from the last date of examination, the result will be published and same is displayed in college website and send to their registered mobile number.
  • The students can apply for revaluation, script within allotted time.
  • All the process being done by using software and thoroughly monitored by Office of Controller of Examination.


  • After completing the exams successfully, except final semester students will get their mark sheet for the exam completed by software from the Office of Controller of Examination.
  • Final semester students will get their consolidated marks sheet and copy of same will sent to university for their provisional certificate and degree certificate.