The Department of Commerce - Corporate Secretaryship was established in the year 2019. It is a 3 year full time Under Graduate Course.

The curriculum has been suitably restructured to meet the challenging needs of the Indian Corporate. A certain level of flexibility has been built into the new system, which enables the students to make their own choice of subjects from a wide spectrum of courses. The department imparts Corporate Secretarial Skills and provides Knowledge and Training ground that turns out Distinctive, Competent, Versatile Professionals and good Company Secretaries. This Department offers the broad look at all aspects of corporate governance with a strong foundation in the areas of Company Laws and Secretarial Practices, Corporate Laws, Economic Laws, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility etc.

The Department is equipped with Qualified Staff members. These Staff Members are Committed, Competent, Dedicated and Well Trained who have expertise in their respective fields. It employs modern techniques to make the Student’s Skills through Workshops, Seminars, Industrial Visits and Soft Skills Training.

Students are encouraged to participate in various Competitions, Workshops and Seminars to enhance their Curricular and Co-Curricular talents.

The knowledge gained under this program will be relevant to pursuing higher studies in Commerce and Corporate Secretaryship, in particular, the professional courses leading to Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant and Cost and Management Accountant.

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To build competent professionals of Company Secretaries with quality education, relevant knowledge, skills and training of Corporate Secretaryship through the collaborative techniques with Industries and Professional Bodies like ICSI, ICAI and CMA.


  • To be a Leader in the development of professionals in Corporate Governance.
  • To build in eligible candidates a competent understanding of the overall functioning of Industries and Business.
  • To train the candidates in areas of Corporate Secretaryship and Laws relating to Companies.
  • To train the candidates in the various areas of Administration and Business Development.
  • To explore and develop the Entrepreneurial and Leadership potential of the Students.

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