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The Department of English (SF) is a Research Department. It offers UG, PG and M.Phil programmes.

The meticulously drafted syllabus ensures an inherently universal and versatile appeal to the learners and scholars.

The syllabus focuses upon Language, Literature, Literary Theories, Culture and Media studies. It also has Research Project Writing as a 6-hour major paper. It is holistic in its approach to literature as generic, geographical, chronological and authorial. It offers innovative and practical add-on courses such as Creative Writing, Public Speaking and Theatrical Communication.

The department headed by Prof. N. Elango former Associate Professor and Head, Postgraduate Department of English, The American College Madurai, has a team of 18 exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely dedicated members of faculty comprising equal number of male and female professors to achieve academic excellence in the coeducational system.

The department trains its students to make optimum use of the rich college library which gives maximum space and the best ambiance for self-learning. The library has nearly 10000 books on languages and literatures; Wi-Fi facility; a sprawling and comfortable reading room which can accommodate 150 students with a special room for ‘own-book reading’.

The department organizes field- trips, national and international level conferences, seminars and workshops. It pays equal importance to hone the cultural and artistic sensibilities through its literary association, King’s League; Film-Club and Drama club under the auspices of Fourth wall Theatre.

Career guidance and placement of its students is a major focus of the department.

Above all, in the true spirit of the vision and mission of Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, the SFW of English Department relentlessly works towards shaping the young minds and bodies with discipline of high order, intelligence par excellence, critical ability for integrity of character and creativity for marching towards progressive nation- building.

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To create a new generation of citizens with employability skills, critical abilities, creative imagination and effective communication in order to sustain human values and common weal in society.


To empower the students through knowledge attainment, ethical enquiries and economic upliftment.


  • To prepare the students for their future in mainstream life.
  • To inculcate human values through literary sensibilities.
  • To promote positive thinking among the fellow human beings through communication skills.
  • To enable the students to communicate and promote through narrative skills, the literary, artistic and cultural heritage of their region and nation.

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