B.Sc., Electronics was established in the year 1998., Electronics was converted into Electronics and Communication during the academic year 2004-2005.

With well-equipped laboratory and highly qualified experienced faculty, Electronics and Communication, a discipline that combines Electronics Engineering and Computer, Information and Communication Technologies from 2008-2009 the CBCS pattern was introduced to the improve the students efficiently in all sectors.

The course helps the students to acquire more knowledge in theory with practical demonstrations. It focuses on advanced experimental technical skills in electronics. Electronics and Communication Engineering course gives enormous opportunities in electronics and software companies. This course gives great opportunities for research and development as everyday consumer need new devices to support them in daily life.

The department conducts workshops, ICM, Quiz Programmes and seminars for the development of students ICM’s were organized by faculty members and students to empower our students organizing capability. By learning the core subjects in Electronics, students master over its application and they come out with many innovative projects.

Department offers Practical Demonstration Workshop for Physics syllabus of higher secondary students at our campus with the help of Department students under the guidance of the faculty.

ELCOM club was inaugurated on 11/09/2015 and all department activities are conducted through the club.

Students are encouraged to develop themselves with mini projects, extracurricular activities with the guidance of faculty.

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The Department of Electronics and Communication, Self Financing Wing has a vision to provide competitive technical skills both practically and theoretically to students in a cost effective way.


  • To enhance the students electronic skills to be at par in the industry.
  • To provide quality and affordable technical education to students.
  • To impart practical knowledge with Quiz, Industrial visits, Internships and Projects.

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