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Rules and Regulations

reading hall
  • Every student should E-Gate entry
  • Keep silence in the library premises.
  • Bring ID card for the borrowing Books.
  • Issue and Return of books have been computerized.
  • If the books are not returned within the due date 0.50 Ps will be charged as penalty per book per day.
  • The students are not allowed to sub-lend the borrowed books.
  • If any of the books borrowed from the library is lost or damaged the students have to either return a new copy of the book or have to pay the thrice the price of the book or have to pay the amount prescribed by the librarian.
  • Marking, underlining anywhere in the borrowed book or writing a note on the book is not allowed.
  • Costly or rare reference books cannot be taken outside the library.
  • If the borrowed books are not returned to the library, the college will not issue transfer certificate and conduct certificate of the student.
  • Talking Books (Cassettes) are lent out for blind students for home study.
  • Educational CD’s are lent out for readers on request.